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Graveyard of the Elves


I was gargling mouthwash and some of it accidentally went down my windpipe and I couldn’t breathe for a second and it was a hundred times more terrifying than water going down the wrong way.

When people hate on my ships

Staying up till 3 in the morning last night watching Psycho was a bad decision. I just woke up now and I have to work at 2. I’m gonna need coffee. At least today’s only a three-hour shift.




chocolate chip cookie dough truffles

I made these they’re glorious



driving past your old elementary school likeimage

starlitumbreon replied to your post “starlitumbreon replied to your post:I’m really concerned about the…”

i meant your van when i said 16 year old car, sorry about that xwx

Hahah it’s okay. I don’t think it really matters. They’re all pretty old cars so I think it’s fair game. xDD

if your car is 16 years old and getting ‘new’ parts, chances are they aren’t really new, but taken from other cars that are no longer being driven. That’s how it is for my Taurus anyway…

Yeah, whoever is calling the parts “new” shouldn’t be doing that. The Nissan got a “new” engine before we got it (because the last owner fucked it up) and it’s 11 years old so that’s still pretty old. And my dad’s car is 7.

I’m really concerned about the Nissan. because it keeps stalling out when I’m stopped at lights and stuff and sometimes when I’m turning corners, the steeling wheel becomes harder to turn and I’m worried it will stall out in the middle of the road. The check engine light is on, my dad knows this, he knows that the car stalls out like crazy but yet he insists that it’s fine. I mean…he used to be a mechanic so I guess I can trust him? But still, this car stalled out THREE times when I was driving home. It’s an automatic.

I don’t know if I have a right to be suspicious but it seems like any time he takes any of his cars to the mechanic down the street, to get something fixed, either some else goes wrong with it shortly after or the same problems occur all over again. Like the van. He got a new transmission because it, too, kept stalling out and it was fine for a while until it started doing it again. I’m willing to accept the fact that the van has lots of problems (it had problems when we got it and it’s already 16 years old) but when whole parts get replaced with brand new ones and yet the same problems occur with those same parts within a year. I can’t help but be suspicious that maybe these “new parts” that were apparently put in the cars really aren’t that new and the mechanic is just saying they are because he knows our dad is a loyal customer and will keep bringing the cars back to him once they break again, giving him more money. I dunno, man.

If you don’t agree with me you’re a shitty cunt who doesn’t like basic human rights and you should be executed for your incompetence you swine.
average tumblr user on any “rights” topic (via nolanthebloghog)

Brenda just applied to the same place I work. This will either be a good thing or a bad thing… which is a very open-ended statement.


adam young’s Instagram is a spiritual journey




I showed Elliott that picture of the bird in Legoland and